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Winged Eye of Horus Silver Earrings TER1566

Winged Eye of Horus Silver Earrings TER1566

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Winged Eye of Horus Silver Earrings TER1566

These sterling silver winged Eye of Horus earrings invoke divine protection.

The Eye of Horus, in fact, is in all of us. It is represented as a figure with six parts corresponding to our six senses – touch, taste, hearing, thought, sight, and smell. The Right Eye of Horus represents concrete information controlled by the left brain. It deals with words, letters, and numbers and those things which are written in sentences or complete thoughts. The Left Eye of Horus, on the other hand, represents abstract aesthetic information controlled by the right brain. It deals with esoteric thoughts and feelings and is responsible for intuition.

Peter Stone uses the finest quality Sterling Silver in all our jewelry, offering you unsurpassed beauty and value with our exclusive designs! See the Peter Stone Difference for yourself.

Details :

- .925 Sterling Silver

- Symbol size 1.75 cm. H (Not including Hook)

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