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Why does Don’t come first? BEWARE! Standing Strong is Important! Too many fumbles and YOU are OUT of the GAME!

Learn what not to do and what will streamline your Growth and Income. It only takes a Few Winning Moves to get on the front of the Wave of Success!

After 33 plus years Peter knows what it takes and the most important things to stay in the game while others drop around you giving you the LEAD!

Add Freedom to the Finance and a dash of Good Vibrant Health and Energy and you’ve got THE WINNING FORMULA!

Come Join Peter a certified Gemologist 3 times over in Europe, The USA and Asia! He’s been immersed in the business of jewelry creation and gemstones traveling to over 101 countries.

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Here’s what you will learn:
1. How to optimize the value in your Jewelry by how you put it on and how you wear it
2. How to use Intention with Attention on specific aspects of your Jewelry
3. How to add positivity, confidence, and overall value to your life through connection.
4. How to share with others your passions so you have more meaningful relationships
5. How to set up your affiliate program and share your passions and the exciting things you learn.

...and lots more!

This training is complimentary from the Peter Stone Jewelry Institute.

We look forward to helping you find even more meaning and value in your Jewelry!

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