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Celtic Butterfly Silver Ring TRI896

Celtic Butterfly Silver Ring TRI896

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Celtic Butterfly Silver Ring TRI896

There are many ways to express yourself through jewelry, and butterflies are one of the most popular and powerful symbols. They are every child's fantasy. In every forms and color, butterflies are amazingly exquisite. They denote joy, lightness, and fulfillment. Butterflies carry a rich representation of life, miracle transformation, and resurrection. 

Handcrafted to captivate the beauty of the butterfly in a Celtic knotwork design, Peter Stone Jewelry channels the warmth and renewal of springtime in a classic symbolism of splendor and grace. Add some beauty to your life and embrace life's transformations in this charming piece. Live your life with inspiration and desire as colorful as the butterflies.

Details :
- .925 Sterling Silver
- Ring size 27.5 mm. H

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