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Fairy Silver Ring TRI1297

Fairy Silver Ring TRI1297

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Fairy Silver Ring TRI1297

Legends whisper that the Fae live within the wild woods among the ocean of lavender and blue daisies. Their roots buried deep within Celtic Britain where the lore of their existence seep across the land. Ruins hum to the rhythmic movement of their wings, traveling through the earth's veins- into the fairy pools of silken blue.

For Wiccans and most Pagans, faeries are very real. They are creatures of the forest and of nature. If they are treated with respect, they can and will help anyone. Faeries bring pure energy and lift our spirits up. They also help will rituals and spells. If one needs sun or rain or if there’s a need for herbs to prosper, faeries can help.

Details :

- .925 Sterling Silver

- Ring size 1.8 cm. (0.7") H

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