Tree of Life Silver Earrings TER505

In the harmony of the Tree of Life ~ Sterling Silver Earrings TER505

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The Solstice Tree, or Tree of Life, is an important Celtic symbol representing the connection of all living things. With branches reaching high into the sky and roots reaching deep into the earth, the Tree of Life connects all things from the heavens above to the Earth below.
Peter Stone celebrates Mother Earth’s bounty in the Tree of Life collection. As a significant symbol in Celtic culture, recognizing the Tree of Life in this Sterling Silver earrings bring in a combination of elegant design and ancient symbolism of new beginning and interconnectedness.
Not only that we are all connected with each other, the Tree of Life also symbolizes how the forces of nature came together to create harmony and balance. Trees link together, combining their very existence, to provide a home for thousands of species on Earth, including us.
With the beliefs of divine connection and mutual harmony, the Tree of Life is truly an awe-inspiring symbolism we’ll cherish for a lifetime.