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Sterling Silver Angelfish Pendant with Inlay Stone TP963

Sterling Silver Angelfish Pendant with Inlay Stone TP963

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Sterling Silver Angelfish Pendant with Inlay Stone TP963

Found in the warm tropical waters, the Angelfish is recognized with a plate-like look, bright colors, long dorsal and fins. Its vivid color is an expression of love, mood, and happiness. If you look closely to the colors of the Angelfish, they reflect the colors of Chakras and their locations with the physical body and remind you that the more love you choose to bring into your life, the more bright the colors of your aura and chakras. As bright and shining beacons of life, fall in love with the Angelfish in Sterling Silver Hook Earrings of DiveSilver Jewelry.

Angelfish prompts us to something far more significant than we are today. Accomplish your life's desire. Shine in the beautiful colors of your life.

"If I'm a fish, I'll be an Angelfish." A lovely statement we mostly get from children these days. The Angelfish possesses color-band on its body which gives a positive light to our minds if we ever feel sad and gloomy. Its beauty alone adds up to the wonderful colors of our natural coral reefs we see in television and movies. The angelfish has this power to expand our vision and see colors that are new to our spectrum. They are those flashes of colored light that we c00h out of the corners of our eyes manifested in the sterling silver jewelry Angelfish pendant.

As it brings color to the seas and in our lives, now is the time to make new choices and free yourself from negative thoughts. See the world in colors. Brighten up your day with DiveSilver Jewelry.

Details :
- .925 Sterling Silver
- Pendant size 18.8 mm. W x 15.8 mm. H (Not Including Bale)

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