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Greenman Silver Pendulum TM008

Greenman Silver Pendulum TM008

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Green Man Silver Pendulum TM008

The Green Man Silver Pendulum is a captivating and mystical divination tool that marries nature-inspired aesthetics with the art of pendulum dowsing. Crafted from high-quality silver, this pendulum boasts intricate Green Man symbolism, a venerable symbol of rebirth, growth, and the eternal cycle of life. The Green Man's visage, adorned with leaves and foliage, exudes a sense of earthy wisdom and connection to the natural world.

As a divination instrument, the Green Man Silver Pendulum is utilized by practitioners to seek answers, uncover hidden truths, and access intuitive insights. Its balanced weight and finely tuned movements make it a reliable tool for those exploring questions related to health, relationships, and life decisions. Whether you're a seasoned dowser or a novice, the pendulum's beauty and symbolism make it a captivating and spiritually resonant companion on your journey of self-discovery and guidance. Harness the energy of the Green Man as you unlock the mysteries of the universe with this enchanting pendulum.

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Details :

- .925 Sterling Silver

- 7" Chain Length

- Pendulum size 1.67 cm. (0.65") W x 3 cm. (1.18") H

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