The transitions tool Bracelet TBA196

The transitions tool Bracelet TBA196

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"The Transition Tool" Large  Cuff Bracelet in Fine Sterling Silver.

Whenever you are transitioning from one key activity to another you will use this bracelet as the transition tool.  So many times we just keep going from one activity to the next, without ever taking a break. This simply does not allow us to get the full value from all activities in the day.

We must clearly separate one key activity from the next key activity in our day. We must form a new habit.  The habit I call Break  Breath  Bond.  These are the words inscribed on this fine sterling silver bracelet.

When we are breaking from one activity to the next, We must pause and stop and take a break, Three and disconnect from the last activity fully to prepare ourselves to fully bonded and engage and get the full value from our next activity we are too engage in.

Use this bracelet has the tool as the reminder every time you are moving from one activity to another look at this bracelet, stop and then Think of that new activity you are about to engage, Then Bond with the idea of full engagement.

Make each moment of your key activity a full engagement carrying know Energy from any other activity in the day.  This allows us to appreciate and share the full richness and value of every activity in our day.

Measure: Bracelet Width 10 mm.
Cuff Bracelet: size XS(6.5"), S(7"), M(7.5"), L(8").
Material: .925 Sterling Silver.
Finished: Laser Engraving with Hand Polished for Finest Quality.

Measurements are approximate.