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Wheel Of Being Earrings TER049

Wheel Of Being Earrings TER049

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Wheel Of Being Earrings TER049

Elevate your style with our exquisite Wheel Of Being Earrings. These intricately designed earrings feature the Wheel of Being, a timeless symbol that represents the cycles of life, growth, and transformation. Crafted with precision and care, these earrings are both a statement of quality and a powerful emblem of meaning. Whether you're drawn to the symbolism or simply appreciate the artistry, our Wheel Of Being Earrings are the perfect choice. Discover our collection and bring the profound symbolism of these earrings into your life.

Details :

- .925 Sterling Silver

- Size 1.50 cm. (0.59") W x 3.10 cm. (1.22") H

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