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Sterling Silver Aboriginal Tiger Shark Spoon Ring TRI1768

Sterling Silver Aboriginal Tiger Shark Spoon Ring TRI1768

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Sterling Silver Aboriginal Tiger Shark Spoon Ring TRI1768

Combining an art design culled from the oldest identifiable culture on the planet (the Aborigines) with the mystery only the oceans can hold makes this sterling silver spoon ring an intriguing and compelling jewelry of DiveSilver. With a touch of Aboriginal history and the vehement symbolism of sharks, many would be awe-inspired for this stunning piece.

Possibly none of us is willing to be close to a shark somewhere in the ocean, thought its symbolism and strength lies in its core. Shark has long been symbolic of being a Terror of the Sea as it is fierce in everything it does. It does not compromise, nor does it second-guess its decisions. When Shark decides, everything is all in. They are vicious predators that live in the deep parts of the oceans very well-known for their bloodthirsty need to feed on the flesh of other sea creatures, or even people. They serve as a symbol of a good harvest and a representation of surviving ability.

The Shark is a symbol of constance and strength, unchanged for millenia Determined and focused, the shark is a sign of permanence.“The shark heart slows down in the cold, just as our own heart would. But what sets it apart is where our heart would simply stop, the shark keeps on ticking.” - Barbara Block


- Fine Sterling Silver

- Ring size 26 mm. H

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