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Rose Window Silver Celtic Pendant TPD447

Rose Window Silver Celtic Pendant TPD447

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Rose Window Silver Celtic Pendant TPD447

Cocreated by celebrated Celtic artist Brigid Ashwood and Peter Stone the number one name in Celtic jewelry this sterling silver pendant is a historically significant spiritual symbol.

A Rose window (also called the Catherine window) is the ultimate symbol for the Medieval love of geometry and all its symbolic messages.

Utilizing geometry on three levels, manifest, hidden and symbolic, each number associated with the architecture of the window has meaning.

Taken as a whole, the Rose window, itself, is represented by the number 1 which symbolizes the unity of all things.

When thought of as a Mandala, Christ or the Virgin and Christ are found in the center rosette.

In Eastern philosophy, each "gate" at the cardinal points on the window are symbols meaning there are many paths to reach the divine.

Whoever wears this incredible sterling silver pendant wears an amulet of profound symbolism and meaning!

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