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Raven on The Star Silver Earrings TE2871

Raven on The Star Silver Earrings TE2871

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Raven on The Star Silver Earrings TE2871

The raven is an essential symbolic presence for followers of Wicca, and is often seen along with a The Star. Blue Moon and Stars - the world's leading manufacturer of fine sterling silver jewelry – has joined these two common symbols in these beautifully crafted earrings. Many people associate the raven with ill omens and death, however it is in the raven's curiosity and intelligence that their true power lies. Ravens are cunning and opportunistic, never missing the chance to grab a meal or entertain themselves with an interesting plaything. Meticulously crafted from fine silver, the Raven on The Star Silver Earrings capture the curiosity and cunning of the raven. If you are a raven lover, the Raven on The Star Silver Earrings are the perfect way to celebrate the positive qualities of the raven Ever heard of unusual things? Do you see a light from there? Few questions we often ask to someone with extraordinary power. Most of the time, we believe that these special people carry an amulet or a pentacle. A pentacle is a kind of talisman used in traditional magical evocations and in some Neo-pagan magical traditions such as Wicca, alongside other magical tools. It has been a sign that has withstood the test of time from symbolizing the five wounds of Christ, to the feeling of protection the wearer has, to invoking the four elements and the fifth spirit, the pentacle is one of the most universal and timeless symbols of faith our world has known. It is also employed as a magical tool within Wicca and other modern forms of witchcraft, generally to summon certain energies or command spirits. It is normally the centerpiece of the altar on which objects are to be consecrated or charged, and such things as amulets, charms and other tools are placed on it, may it be a salt and water for blessing.

Details :

- .925 Sterling Silver

- Earring size 2.3 cm. W x 1.8 cm. H

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