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Captured by the Grace of the Angel Phoenix TPD3266

Captured by the Grace of the Angel Phoenix TPD3266

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You are always guided.
In the moment, there is always a Divine guidance that dwells in your mind and in your heart, too.
It’s always around you. Stop. Look within, listen, know. Feel that something special. She is there for you.
Inherently present in everything we do, most notably found in the intricately designed Angel Phoenix pendant. Such flow, beauty and energy felt when wearing this magnificent sterling silver piece.
Also known as the Garuda or Sunbird, it is said to have been the only living creature that could fly into Paradise having a lifespan of 500 to 1000 years.
It manifests the eternal cycle of time and existence, as it has long been a unique and legendary creature of fantasy. .
It symbolizes the importance of old endings and new beginnings. The Angle Phoenix holds such power.
The angel phoenix heralds us as the time has come be reborn in mind, body, and spirit when faced with significant and new challenges in our lives. We step out of the old and flow into the new
Prepare. Know the power of encouragement comes to our support and we will emerge stronger and inspirit from the ashes of our old selves to empowering new heights of breakthrough and dimension.

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