Om Leather Cord Bracelet TBL208

Silver Om with Leather Cord Bracelet TBL208

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Silver Om with Leather Cord Bracelet TBL208

Fastened around the wrist by a fine black leather cord, this Om design calls forth balance between the Self and universal forces.

Every time we feel good about ourselves, we find a vibrational alignment with who we really are. We contemplate and spiritually meditate. The meditations are based on a mantra which in Sanskrit, symbolizes a sound – an Om.
Of Hindu origin, Om is a sacred or mystical syllable representing the sacred sound repeated in the quest for Supreme reality. The symbol is chanted from the beginning and the end of a reading from the Vedas (sacred texts), and prior to any prayer or mantra.
As claimed to have spiritual qualities, the Om gives peace and balance to the meditator’s being realized in the Om Jewelry.

Peter Stone opens a new door of balance, peace, and positive energy in this unique piece of jewelry. It benefits not only our physical body, but our mental health, as well.

Details :

- .925 Sterling Silver

- Om size 2.2 cm. Diameter