Large Straight Bar Sterling Silver Necklace TNC436P

Large Straight Bar Sterling Silver Necklace TNC436P

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We must first have love within, then it is from this place that we will naturally feel the love and connection that brings us Joy. These are natural partners in our emotional make-up.When we focus on being more loving, giving more love then in time we become love and then and only then will we be able to not only see it in other but feel the bond and connection love is.

Giving Love. To reach this pureness in heart, mind, body and soul it requires focus. Focus is work for most of us. With proper focus and intent, we will reach the point where love flows both ways; to and from us. Love is one of life's greatest Joys. Joy naturally appears through our consistent focus on love.    


Measure: Bar Size 2.0" (5.3 cm.) W x 0.23" (0.6 cm.) H.
Chain Length: 18" or 20".
Material: .925 Sterling Silver with PS TAG.
Finished: Laser Engraving with Hand Polished for Finest Quality.

Measurements are approximate.