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Large Silver Dragonfly Charm TC232

Large Silver Dragonfly Charm TC232

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Anyone who wants an uplifting accessory for a bracelet, cell phone, keychain, or necklace, can add a little whimsy with a stunning silver charm from the Animals and nature collection. As the world's leading manufacturer of fine sterling silver jewelry, Peter Stone strives to bring inspiration and enlightenment to all who wear his jewelry.

This Large Silver Dragonfly Charm embodies flexibility and change, transferring the power of the dragonfly to the wearer. A Dragonfly's iridescent wings are sensitive to even the slightest breeze, allowing the dragonfly to travel wherever the wind blows.

Meticulously crafted from fine silver, this Large Silver Dragonfly Charm is the perfect way to celebrate the flexibility of the dragonfly.

If you are a dragonfly lover, this Large Silver Dragonfly Charm will allow you to channel the spirit of the Dragonfly.

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