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Large Celtic Knot Sterling Silver Cuff TBA210

Large Celtic Knot Sterling Silver Cuff TBA210

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The use of knots is a practice that began from thousands of generations. In Celtic mythology, knots symbolize the sacred geometry of the universe and the interconnectedness of all life in it. In this world we live in, all things are bound together. All things connect inexplicably. If one fails, the others fail, too. Hence, Celtic knots naturally mean eternity. With the moonstone below it, it helps soothe and balance the emotions brought on by life, bringing them under the control of the will rather than repressing them, or expressing them in unhealthy ways. After all, eternity is a gift - the gift to keep going, continue growing, and live like nobody is watching.
Meticulously crafted from fine sterling silver, the Large Celtic Knot Sterling Silver Cuff features a detailed inscription and hand-crafted quality from the world class artisans at Peter Stone. Peter Stone – the world's leading manufacturer of fine sterling silver jewelry – has created the Power Word Collection with inspiring mantras to help you find your inner peace or make an affirming statement.

Details : 

- .925 Sterling Silver

- Available in S, M, L Size (See Size detail)

- Cuff Bracelet Band size 17 mm.

Measurements are approximate.

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