KPM019 Viking tattoo workbook

KPM019 Viking tattoo workbook by Courtney Davis

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KPM019 Viking tattoo workbook by Courtney Davis
Celtic designs are undeniably linked with ancient power, modern inspiration, cultural pride, and compelling beauty… which is why they’ve become an enormously popular tattoo theme, and have remained popular through countless tides of tattoo trends. Courtney Davis, an expert on Celtic history and culture for over 30 years, has compiled two amazing volumes of Celtic Tattoo designs, focusing on areas of Celtic art that span from the earliest pagan Celtic work to neo-modern interpretations of traditional designs. The workbooks’ variety is astonishing, encompassing the simple and elegant, as well as the complexly detailed, with sections devoted to knotwork, crosses, spirals, animals, new age imagery, and human figures. The workbooks, published by South Street Publishing, were created specifically for tattoo artists and collectors, and are carefully produced to provide crisp, clear imagery for maximum effect. Whether you’re looking for a cutting-edge Celtic design for your own skin, or looking to offer an inspirational buffet to your customers, these workbooks are an essential for anyone interested in Celtic Tattoo art.
Details :
- 50 pages
- 170 Black and White Tattoo Designs
- Size 8.25" x 11.7"