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Infinity Peacock Silver Necklace with Gemstone TNC487

Infinity Peacock Silver Necklace with Gemstone TNC487

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Infinity Peacock Silver Necklace with Gemstone TNC487

Endless worth ~ Sterling Silver Infinity Symbol with Peacock and Gemstone eye Necklace

Add the perfect infinity symbol to your daily ensemble in this sterling silver necklace of Peter Stone Jewelry accented with precious gemstone. With its roots embedded in the concept of that which is endless, eternal and thus unbreakable; combining the infinity sign to your own unique personalization is not only stylish or timeless but can also be entrusted as an eternal keepsake and memento of your love and relationships.

The infinity symbol holds ideas of no limitations and infinite possibilities. It’s a fascinating symbol that represents the immeasurable and the boundless. It brings dynamism and balance to whatever is important or of interest to us. It helps us find harmony in every way, bringing balance to opposing forces. The infinity symbol conveys endless love and connection in this magnificent sterling silver necklace you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

Details :

- .925 Sterling Silver

- Chain Length 18"

- Genuine Garnet size 2 mm.

- Necklace size 22 mm. W x 13 mm. H

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