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Hollow Walrus Silver Pendant TPD6035

Hollow Walrus Silver Pendant TPD6035

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Hollow Walrus Silver Pendant TPD6035

The Hollow Walrus Silver Pendant exudes the enchanting spirit of the Arctic realm within an exquisite jewelry piece. Meticulously handcrafted, this pendant showcases a unique hollowed design that beautifully portrays the iconic walrus amidst its natural habitat. The pendant polished surface catching and reflecting light to create a captivating shimmer. The intricate detailing of the walrus's distinctive features, from its ivory tusks to its wise, soulful eyes, encapsulates the essence of this majestic marine creature.

With its strong symbolic presence of wisdom, adaptability, and maritime grace, the Hollow Walrus Silver Pendant serves as both an elegant adornment and a profound talisman. Whether worn to make a stylish statement or cherished as a meaningful connection to the natural world, this pendant is a timeless embodiment of the wonders of the Arctic wilderness.

Details :

- .925 Sterling Silver

- Pendant size 2.4 cm. (0.94") x 2.3 cm. (0.9") H (Not including Bale)

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