Freediving with Passion - How Deep Can You Dive? TNC440 Necklace

Freediving with Passion - How Deep Can You Dive? TNC440

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Deep in the sea are riches beyond compare. Freedivers find peace wide meters under the surface. The moving water and the slowing down of their own breathing. The purest form of the solemness is what they are loving.Freediving has long defied art and science with a profound depth of underwater diving and without any breathing apparatus. It may look like absurdly terrifying but for fearless freedivers,it is worth challenging. The sport is more about relaxation, positive mind setting and daring technique, than it is strength. Freediving aims to connect with the water and enjoy all the feelings and sensations. It manifests the deepen love to the underwater sea on one breath which freedivers enjoy doing every minute.Highly polished and featuring elegant 3D construction, this handcrafted Freedivers Sterling Silver Gemstone Necklace with Dangling Heart showcases the beauty of nature and the exquisite craftsmanship of DiveSilver Artisans. Do you love diving?