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Filigree Manta Ray Silver Bead Necklace TNC472

Filigree Manta Ray Silver Bead Necklace TNC472

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A worthwhile quest ~ Filigree Manta Ray Silver Bead Necklace TNC472

Beautifully detailed and elegantly crafted, wear this Sea Life Filigree statement Necklace of Peter Stone to show appreciation for the great maneuvers of the sea ~ Manta Ray. People who love the sea share a mutual affinity with the adventurous Manta Ray. Its symbolism comes with deep significance in our lives. Stingrays depict maneuverability. They can navigate themselves well with their large sizes and shapes, even in the most complicated place in the sea.

A good sense of direction every time we are trapped in a difficult situation is an excellent way to go coming from our friendly Manta Ray. There may be different paths that we take in our lives, make sure to make the journey worthwhile. Be ready to strap yourself in for the sea adventure of your life.


.925 Fine Sterling Silver

Accented with Various size of Synthetic Emerald Glass Beads

Necklace size 18" Length

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