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Enamel Shamrock Clover Silver Pendant TPD5160

Enamel Shamrock Clover Silver Pendant TPD5160

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Enamel Shamrock  Clover Silver Pendant TPD5160

Perfect for Saint Patrick's Day

We wish in silence every time we see a shamrock. From the Irish word “seamrog” or a “summer plant,”
this 3-leaf clover is Ireland's most recognized national symbol.

In Celtic history, three is the most sacred and magical number. They believed that everything important came in threes; the three dominions of the planet (the earth, the sky and the sea), the phases of the moon (half-moon, full moon, total eclipse), the three ages of man (birth, life and death), and of course, the Holy Trinity (the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit).

The shamrock is a charm against evil and brings in the bearer good luck. Keeping it close to you carries good health, good luck, and happiness for today and every day inspired in sterling silver navel ring of Peter Stone Jewelry.

As you live fully your life, feel that the shamrock lines your path along with the sunshine’s light and the happiness of your heart.

- Fine Sterling Silver Pendant with Green Enamel.
- Pendant 2.2 cm. wide x 2.2 cm. Height

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