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Crescent Moon Silver Earrings TER1904

Crescent Moon Silver Earrings TER1904

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Crescent Moon Silver Earrings TER1904 

The Sun watches what we do, but the moon knows all our secrets.
When lights are found twinkling in darkness, the moon exhales her sweet thoughts upon the sky.
He reveals to her the mysteries of darkness and she whispers to him about the shape of the night.
Then, welcomes the Crescent Moon. Preparing in motion for the moment in time, close by, for that of the full moon to come.
It is noteworthy that the heart and soul of many Pagans, or Wiccans is the many phases of the Moon.
The Moon has been the saving grace in all human race.
It serves as the guiding light during the darkness of the night.
A mystical occurrence in the Moon that is the power of the Moon’s phases is manifested for setting goals, future desires, and the quality of life. Even cleaning up and letting go of the situations and things in our life that no longer serve us
Truly beautiful.
Fantastically magickal. Our Moon… yours and mine!

Details :

- .925 Sterling Silver

- Earrings size 27 mm. H (Not including Hook)

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