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Compass Silver Signet Men Ring TRI1964

Compass Silver Signet Men Ring TRI1964

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Compass Silver Signet Men Ring TRI1964

Whether it's a sea adventure or an ocean inspiration, set sail in life with this elegant sterling silver representation of a classic nautical tool by DiveSilver.

An ancient seafaring instrument, the compass is a symbol of the sea and the countless voyages have taken traversing the globe. It's an icon popular to all the sea lovers holding a variety of meaning and significance. Derived from corn, meaning together, and passus, meaning way or route, a compass signs guidance harkening back sailors and ships and traversing the stormy seas from a long journey home.

Pursue through the right direction of the guiding compass. Enjoy the journey that you create wherever it leads you towards happiness and peace.


- .925 Fine Sterling Silver

- Ring size 14 mm. W x 20 mm. H


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