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Celtic Trinity Rose Silver Ring TRI1939

Celtic Trinity Rose Silver Ring TRI1939

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Celtic Trinity Rose Silver Ring TRI1939

The Trinity knot, also called the Triquetra, is one of the best-known symbols in Celtic culture. Familiarly, the Trinity Knot symbolizes God's eternal love of the Holy Trinity looped through the arcs emphasizing the unity of the three such as the mind, body, and spirit. When the mind, body, and spirit are in harmony, happiness is the natural result. The symbol thus also appears on rocks throughout the Celtic region associated with the three elements of nature, water, earth, and air. Water represents our emotions, air symbolizes our thoughts, and earth is us.

The symbol of the rose correlates to the Goddess in every country and every culture worldwide. Commonly associated with love, the rose speaks of passion, purity, and mysticism.

Details :

- .925 Sterling Silver

- Ring size 8 mm. H

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