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Cancer Silver and Gold Charm MCM298

Cancer Silver and Gold Charm MCM298

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Cancer Zodiac Symbol
Meticulously crafted from fine sterling silver with 14k gold accents (14k 2 micron gold plated).

The Cancer Charm is a powerful symbol representing the zodiac sign Cancer, encompassing individuals born between June 21st and July 22nd. Crafted with care, this charm captures the essence of Cancerian qualities. Often featuring the symbol of the crab, it represents intuition, emotions, and nurturing instincts. The Cancer Charm harnesses the gentle yet resilient energy associated with this water sign, encouraging the wearer to embrace their empathetic nature and cultivate emotional well-being. Worn as jewelry or carried as a talisman, it serves as a personal emblem, fostering a deep connection to the individual's astrological identity and invoking the positive attributes and compassionate spirit of Cancer.


Details :

- .925 Sterling Silver with 14 Karat Gold Plate (2 Micron)

- Charm size 23 mm. H (not including O-ring)

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