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Knight of the Templar Silver Celtic Pendant TPD488

Knight of the Templar Silver Celtic Pendant TPD488

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Brigid Ashwood Knights Templar Pendant TPD488

Cocreated by celebrated Celtic Steampunk artist Brigid Ashwood and Peter Stone the number one name in Celtic jewelry this sterling silver pendant is a historically significant spiritual symbol.

Valiantly guarding the entryway to Solomon's Temple, the brave knight is ensconced between the two pillars of the universe; Boaz and Jachin.

Solomon built the temple to symbolize all the mysteries of Being so the naming of the pillars was not without purpose.

Jachin on the left side literally means "one only" a clear symbol for complete Unity of all.

Boaz on the right side whose complete symbolism may be found in the Book of Ruth, is the symbol for the redeeming power of Love.

And, so, these two uniting principles Unity and Love contain infinite meaning and energy.

Whoever wears this sterling silver pendant carries with them the gateway to the oneness and the powerful energy only unconditional love can give!

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