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Angel Wing Silver Earrings TER1921

Angel Wing Silver Earrings TER1921

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Angel Wing Silver Earrings TER1921

Each of us are gently wrapped by the wings of an angel. An angel who sees through unsighted miracles, unknown affairs, or peculiar situations. No one is an island. There got to be an angel in disguise, and in the skies to fill the emptiness and the longingness of one. To remember the past, live the present, and dream for the future, we all have an angel with bright wings around.

What do you pine for? Be guided and inspired with the one-of-a-kind Angel Wing Silver Earrings. Meticulously crafted from fine sterling silver.

Details :

- .925 Fine Sterling Silver 

- Earrings size 20 mm. W x 11 mm. H (Not including hook)

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