Fairs and Festivals

We all think about Adventure and Travel
It is the season! The Season of Prosperity begins NOW.
Fairs, festivals, and events that you love to be at are all around the country and the world waiting for you. Waiting to... Pay your Way! Be on the Income side of the table and make your Fairs and Festivals profit-making events!
Freedom to travel and make money! What could be better? Living into your Passions.
Those that vend and sell at fairs, festivals, and events sell large volumes of jewelry in a short, compressed period. It’s like… Holiday sales year-round. Then you have 3 or 4 days off.
Fair and Festival vendors know the game and profit big. It is by far one of the most lucrative and strongest business models for jewelry sales that allows great personal freedom.
This is one of the most powerful ways for you to travel and live your passion. It’s easy to find one of the many niche markets that are close to your heart.
One place you will sell to and be closely engaged with the audience. Engaging Connection is Key to GREAT SALES numbers. You are not selling then, you are sharing your passion. The real formula for success.
An engaged audience is one of the most powerful ways to sell jewelry because you’re resonating with the viewer of the jewelry. You’re all on the same page because you’re both passionate about what that event, fair, or festival is about.
Commonality Bonds the Heart, Soul, and Spirit! Connection Sells!
It’s not really about selling jewelry it’s about the commonality of the two passions meeting that sells the jewelry. This is Game Changer!
The Secret to Big Sales and A Life of Freedom
There are tens of thousands of fairs, festivals, and events in North America, Europe, the UK, Australia, and the rest of the world. The beauty is you pick the fair you want to go to. You are living the life that you want. Face-to-face live selling to people, with people, that you want to associate with.
You’re fully living into your passion. This, my friends, is a winning formula!
Travel, income, people you love to meet, seeing the world, with great profits, having plenty of free time. When you’re working, it does not really work.

It’s more like a social event making your life, the life you always dreamed of.
OH, Yeah… Social media marketing gets REAL POWERFUL here!
This model I did myself. Quality Matters!
I created a multi-million dollar company because I did this. Living the life I love. I simply followed my passion and made money within my dream of travel and creativity. I’m loving the journey now more than ever. Today 100 + countries traveled.
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