Drop Ship Marketing Tool

The Peter Stone Dropship MARKETING TOOL

DROPSHIPPING_tutorial from Peter Stone Jewelry on Vimeo.



Here's the Simplicity of it ALL!

Purchase the Dropship program. We give you access to 6500 Plus beautiful jewelry images and descriptions.

If you need some payment terms, check out using Affirm or Klarna

Next, select up to 200 jewelry designs you want to sell. Choose Gold or Sterling Silver or both.

If you see Sterling Silver designs you’d like to offer your customers in Gold; Simply let us know, and we’ll get those images to you.



Your visitors, customers, and clients who love GOLD will have reasons to order from the fantastic gold jewelry collection on your website.

They will not leave looking for gold elsewhere. You made the sale!

Your Store now Shows up Large online. No longer a minor player in the viewer's eyes.

Your visitors begin to TALK and SHARE! You have Excelled beyond the average or even slightly above… You attract new customers with more money to spend on your website and Jewelry lines.


Show up bigger, play more significantly, and have a higher income.

  • Now, you can test as many designs as you like and explore new collections to keep your website alive and exciting.


Do This with something NEW every few weeks or, at a minimum, Every Month!


Watch your Business… grow, Grow, GROW!


  • Change - out jewelry images that get no views or interest and replace them with NEW jewelry designs and collections to keep people's interests high.


Eventually, they Buy! And Buy Again! They'll be back! You've set the Stage!

  • Once you start seeing a Jewelry Collection or designs begin to sell, you CONFIDENTLY expand and add more similar designs, then Maximize your PROFITS.

What a GREAT way to GROW your Business.


Almost RISKFREE with the help of the Peter Stone Jewelry Drop Ship Program!!!

This, very Simply put, Is SMART BUSINESS.

  • Just one of the many tools, tips, and opportunities Peter Stone offers you. We’ll continue to be here to help you grow your sales day in and day out.
  • Get a MAJOR Selling Advantage over the competition with our latest tools and marketing outreach systems.



Learn from Peter’s 30+ years of experience in the School for Hard Knocks Front Line Jewelry Sales and marketing lessons worldwide!

The Peter Stone Drop Ship Program will allow you to sell Peter Stone Fine Sterling Silver and Gold Jewelry on your Website and have the customer directly place an order with you.


We will then fill your order and ship it directly to the customer, not ours, with your company name and contact details!

Yes!! Now you can focus on what's essential: Sales, Marketing, SELLING, and NOT back-Room Management.



Purchase the Dropship program - then


- Sign the simple web agreement permitting you to sell our jewelry on your website.


- Select the Jewelry Designs from our website you would like to use on your Website

- Upload our jewelry images and descriptions to your Website.

- Your customers' shop on your Website and purchase jewelry directly from you.


- You’ve collected the full payment and shipping fee

- Send us your customer's orders as you receive them.

- You then Pre-pay using any major credit card, funding service on our Website or Pay-Pal before we start processing the order. Once we receive the payment, we will immediately prepare your order.


- We then ship your customer's order directly to them.

- All jewelry shipped comes directly from our hand-finishing and polishing team within a week with the highest Luster and Beauty, making you a hero!


Your customers will be back for MORE!!!


- Exceptional Detail and Finishing in the Jewelry Marketplace!


- Part of Peter's Training will guide you on how to profit and grow for customer service concerns. We have resolved hundreds of them, which is why we continue to grow!

- You will be charged shipping, handling, and in some cases, insurance for each order. You are responsible for collecting shipping and insurance costs from your customers.

- Shipping is done via USPS priority mail only for  USA customers. Shipping & Handling is only $27 for the USA. Insurance is an additional charge, but a value-packed one.

- Delivery from Peter Stone is 15-21 days for the USA,

Disclaimer: You are fully responsible for resolving all issues that may arise from the transaction on your website. With prompt delivery, Peter Stone is not responsible for Drop Ship customer service issues and only for quality and beauty.