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Best gift ever!

"I was surprised by my love with this necklace. It is so beautiful and it really does reflect my personality and desires. The moon stone captures the sunlight so elegantly. It is light as air and constructed perfectly."

I highly suggest this necklace for a gift!

TN164 Review From anonymous

Grounding Tree of Life

"I have always felt a strong connection to trees. This Tree of Life pendant is the perfect one for me. It symbolizes my belief and shows everything about the tree, its strength, flowing branches, and roots. It helps me stay grounded and connected."

TPD1043 Review From Ro


"An important Wiccan symbol, with twisted intertwining branches reaching into the heavens and its roots deep in the underworld of the earth, the Tree of Life dwells in three worlds. It links heaven, the earth and the underworld, uniting above and below. Inscribed with mystic runes in Theban, it reads "As Above, So Below" and the bottom reads "As Within, So Without."

TPD1043 Review From Anonymous

Perfect for me!

"This pendant is beautiful! It is bigger than I thought it would be and it is so shiny and eyecatching. I am glad I decided to purchase this pendant and I can't wait to find a great 30in. chain to wear it close to my heart all the time."

TPD1043 Review From Jessica


"I received my pendant and I just love it...not too small and not too big...just the right size and pretty and I am rough on jewelry and it is holding up very good and still looks great...I would highly recommend!! Blessing s to all!"

MPD1197 Review From BB