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Child Labor by Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Alpha Stock Images


The organization “Human Rights Watch” has documented hazardous child labor in the agriculture, mining, leather, apparel and jewelry industry, as well as countless other sectors. Millions of abducted children through child trafficking, risk pain, sickness, injury, and even death to produce goods and services for the global economy. An estimated 230 Million children will work in sweatshops around the world this year instead of attending school.

And what do we do? Stick our heads in the sand (consumers and wholesalers alike) and continue to buy products made by these poor children who are forced to work in such horrid conditions. No longer can we act as if unawareness is a valid excuse.

Today, I am making you aware. It is up to each of us, consumers and wholesalers alike, to do our part by putting a stop to the funding of these human trafficking rings. How do we do that? By making ourselves aware, sharing our awareness with others and by refusing to purchase from the manufacturing companies and stores that are in bed with these hideous and greedy mongrels.

Fortune named Satyarthi one of The World’s 50 Greatest Leaders, highlighting his conviction that child labor is as much an economic issue as a human rights one. I actually would go even further and suggest that the exploitation of children and adults as slave laborers is a business issue — where suppliers and consumers have and should, use our power to apply pressure to violators. The ONLY way to apply the pressure necessary is for us to put a stop to their funding. You may not wish to admit it, but the bottom line is this, every time you buy that sweet deal, you know the one that is too good to be true, more than likely you have just funded yet another child to be added to the child trafficking or sweatshop industry.

You may think to yourself, how can i make a difference? The answer is simple, do not BUY from these businesses. There is only one way they will STOP, and that is if they no longer make money. They obviously have no respect for International Child Labor Laws. They have no emotional conflict with the millions of children they harm through their greed. So the only way to stop them, is stop cash flow completely. If each one of us, individual consumers and wholesalers alike do not buy from these illegal, immoral fat cats, they will have no choice but to either shut their doors, or hire within the laws limits to try and recoup losses.

Now it may take some work on our part, but as human beings, don't we owe that to children. It can be as simple as a google search to find out what their policies and processes are. Sometimes it is as simple as using common sense. If something seems too good to be true, it more than likely is. A product created from Value, will have a price to match.

If You wish to learn more on how You can identify these companies that are stealing others designs, and having them mass produced by children , Be sure to read next weeks blog!

Learn how You can TRULY make a difference.