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2019 Jewelry Trends

2019 Jewelry Trends - Stock Or Not To Optimize Spring/Summer Profits

This Spring/Summer Season, over 60% of our consumer buyers online and in brick and mortars will be Millennials and Gen X. This means its time for wholesalers , to do their research and see what's trending so they can begin carrying what over 60% of your buyers will want to buy. Or you could simply read this blog post and contact Peter Stone for all of your fine jewelry collections and order and stock accordingly.


Millennials and Gen X buyers alike will want self expression and statement stackable rings, and not just a couple. 3-9 on each finger ( depending upon the ring sizes) are the norm and expected.

Self expression means carrying rings, bracelets,pendants or necklaces that use words to express a buyers individuality, feelings, special moments, or current and future journey. Statement rings are larger than the regular sized rings, usually, over-sized sterling silver pronged rings with gemstones or large loud shapes and sizes. The more unique, the more it screams individuality for the wearer.

Layered and Loud NECKLACES

Big and Bold Layers- Again, each necklace is to say something about the wearer that stands out. If you can't find something that identifies as an individual, it seems the larger and odder shaped, the better- this way the unique and one of a kind jewelry piece says it all for you.

Then layer them by size. Simply buy multiple variances of chain metals, styles and sizes and the layered look is taken care of adding the pendants are up to the individual- having pendants match by color or theme is no longer neccessary or the "in thing" . Large shiny coins and treasure look pendants are hot hot hot and anything overly big is welcomed and loved. Of course again, if it has words, use them.

Statement and Charm Bracelets in Silver and Gold Metal Mixes

I know you are tired of hearing this from us today but this year is all about Unique Individuality and daring to be the you that no one else knows. The you that shines through only momentarily. The TRUE YOU. So think about your customers , who are they? What age group are they in? What are their likes? Their charities? Their hobbies? Their mantras? Ordering word jewelry is a plus, the charms, and pendants that resemble moments shared in life and large bold colorful or shiny geometric symbols and shapes that the wearer can have fun with is a winner for this season- and don't forget wearing MORE MORE MORE.

Earrings -Loops, Hoops and Hangers

Silver and Gold Hoops, Loops and again, crazy shapes and earrings that hang as low as they can go - the lower the better, are the absolute ONLY earring looks this season. Studs and ear end length earrings aren't even a second glance look. So get ready to hang em low this Season. Be bright, Bold, Expressive and it's all about EXTRA and MORE.

Mix Match has also been brought to a new level. One earring is short and square while the other ear adorns a long dangling silver hoop- yes that's perfect. For this seasons fashion it is. Buying multiple styles and matching them up ( or MIS matching) is the best way to handle this fad.


SO your big buyers are basically looking to GO BIG, WEAR MORE or go home. What is even more important is self-expression through the unique and individuality of the words, shapes, colors and images that mean something to the buyer.

Perfect for ordering from Peter Stone Jewelry as we carry the most unique and trendy fine sterling silver jewelry worldwide, in the highest quality and evoking emotion, energy and empowerment in each hand polished masterpiece.

Simply visit our wholesale site and create an account and ask for 2019 Bulk Best Sellers, we will even gift new clients our rubber wood environmentally friendly display cases, created for optimized sales, absolutely free.