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Cindy Peaceful Art-5%

Cindy Thorrington Rose Heart Necklace TNC063

Cindy Thorrington Rose Heart Necklace TNC063

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Celebrity Cindy Rosenhart has collaborated with Peter Stone and created a line of jewelry to touch your heart and spirit. The first piece will be featured as our lead piece in our "Hearts Desire" Collection, this Valentines Day. Stunning sterling silver, hearts and gemstones in systematic order. This Valentines Day, give her what her true "HEARTS DESIRE" is, a Peter Stone Original gifted with YOUR love. Sparkling sterling silver and a bright vibrant gemstone of your choice. The perfect gift for valentines day. 

Give her what her "HEARTS DESIRE" TRULY is...

A Peter Stone Original...

Say it with Love, Say it with Silver, Say it with Peter Stone Jewelry! 

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