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Angel Goddess Silver Clip Charm TWC165

Angel Goddess Silver Clip Charm TWC165

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Angel Goddess Silver Clip Charm TWC165

Did you ever have that moment when you felt like someone’s watching over you? An absolute knowing? Like, you were supposed to accidentally fell off from a huge rock when a loud voice, out of nowhere, told you to stop and look out and quickly and amazingly avoided the unimaginable? You wonder! Where did that silent, yet bright voice come from.

If you believe you had a little help or an uncanny encounter that lead you to be saved and given another step up at chance. Then utter a sweet thank you to your Guardian Angel above. We are guided just as much as how Peter Stone inspired us with the Angel Collection. As a heavenly icon, recognizing Angel’s Gift in pendant brings in a combination of elegant design and inspiring symbolism. In all of the magnificent ways, feel that an Angel is always with you.

Details :

- .925 Sterling Silver

- Charm size 24 mm. H (Not including Bale)

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